Post IOP

Vital information for families about post IOP and continuing care

The post IOP phase of addiction treatment is an important time for patients because the recovery process extends far beyond the initial phase of treatment. At Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health Centers, we’ve created a unique continuing care program to provide patients the time they need to develop a strong and lasting recovery plan.

We encourage family and friends to stay involved in their loved one’s treatment. When some patients enter the post IOP phase, they may be tempted to begin using addictive substances again, believing they can do so in moderation. Our staff encourages both patients and loved ones to talk about these feelings and urges.

During post IOP, patients’ loved ones provide support in a variety of ways

Providing a safe, substance-free environment is the most beneficial way to help patients during post IOP. Loved ones can help by doing the following.

• Attending social events to help the patient avoid addictive substances
• Educating themselves about the family disease of addiction
• Helping the patient avoid toxic friends and situations that remind them of substance use
• Listening to the patient’s concerns and engaging in open and honest conversation
• Monitoring the patient’s behavior to look for any signs of a relapse

Continuing care provides critical support and information for patients’ families

Kolmac knows that patients’ addictions affect their family and friends. We encourage loved ones to also take care of themselves. Anyone who cares about a patient and is a part of their support system can come to support groups during treatment. Our groups provide a safe, confidential space for families to talk about setbacks and issues. Groups also deliver helpful information for patients’ families. Sharing frustration or stress with others during continuing care is an important part of self-care for caregivers.

Community support groups make a difference for patients and their loved ones

Our staff encourages patients and loved ones to engage in community support groups. Patients continue to attend Kolmac’s group therapy sessions once a week. They can also attend community groups.

Family and friends are welcome to attend Kolmac’s family sessions throughout a patient’s treatment. They can also attend recovery support groups such as SMART Friends & Family and Al-Anon at our clinic locations and in the community. Our resource page also lists information for patients’ families about community support groups.

Our Dick Prodey Lecture Series educates families and friends about addiction

On Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m., loved ones can attend Kolmac’s Dick Prodey Lecture Series in the auditorium of the Sheppard Pratt Conference Center in Towson. These sessions address topics such as Alcohol & Alcoholics and Addiction and Family. These sessions are also available as webcasts.

Patients and their loved ones can work together during post recovery. Special people in patients’ lives should contact us to learn more about helping patients during addiction treatment and beyond.

Let’s Help Patients Together

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with referral partners to help patients and families during their recovery journey. We would like to learn more about you and your organization. Please fill out the form or contact us at:

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