Family Resources

Addiction can affect the whole family

At Kolmac, we understand that the consequences of addiction are far-reaching. Family and friends of addicted people know that “I’m not hurting anyone but myself” isn’t true. Addiction’s presence is felt by all members of the addict’s sphere.

Recovery resources for family and friends

While treatment for the addicted individual is paramount, we know that resources for families are also very important to the recovery process.

Kolmac is committed to providing resources to help families through the treatment process and into all of the benefits of healing and recovery.

Weekly Family and Friends support meetings

As part of our treatment program, we offer the family and friends of our patients an opportunity to learn more about the disease and get the support they need by attending weekly family and friends support groups separate from the patients.

Our program includes weekly family support meetings that provide education about addiction and recovery, and information about what to expect as a friend or family member of an addicted person. Family group attendees can share their stress, questions, frustrations, progress, and setbacks.

Family includes anyone close to the patient

We know that “family” does not only mean someone who is a blood relative. We also welcome spouses, partners, close friends—anyone with a vested interest in helping the patient get better. Support group attendees are encouraged to offer their support and experiences to others in the group, but are also welcome to just listen to what others have to share.

All patients need support

We urge each patient to have at least one person attend family group sessions as often as possible. For young adults (people between the ages of 19 and 25 who live at home), Kolmac requires at least one parent to attend family group sessions. We have found that both patients and their families have a better recovery when everyone can talk and learn about substance use disorders together.

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