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Two-thirds of American Families are Hurt by Addiction

“I’m not hurting anyone but myself” is the mantra of many people caught up in the throes of addiction. But friends and family members know that this isn’t true — that they also suffer from addiction’s unwelcomed presence in these most valued relationships.

At Kolmac, we understand that the consequences of addiction are far-reaching. We know that while treatment for the individual is paramount, resources for families affected are of the utmost priority as well.

Sometimes it takes a family

While it’s true that families can be profoundly hurt by addiction’s insidious reach, families can also play a role in recovery. This is why we’re committed to providing resources to help families along through the treatment process and beyond — into a family life that enjoys all the positive benefits of healing and recovery.

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Prodey lectures

Families are also encouraged to attend the Wednesday evening Dick Prodey Lecture Series.  Held at the Conference Center at Sheppard Pratt in Towson, these free weekly sessions feature Mr. Dick Prodey speaking on eight topics of addiction and recovery.  Each session is independent of the others, so you may choose to attend just a few or all of the sessions.

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