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Connecting with Your Addiction Treatment Clinician

Each addiction treatment clinician at Kolmac is an expert in the process of recovery

Every patient who enters treatment at Kolmac is matched with a compassionate and experienced addiction treatment clinician to guide their recovery. Our clinicians operate as their patients’ case managers, overseeing the many components of the addiction treatment puzzle.

By folding in the patient’s family, friends and other healthcare providers, along with providing constructive counsel for the patient, our clinicians help their patients put the pieces of their lives back together.

More about addiction treatment clinicians at Kolmac

Kolmac patients participate in group therapy through one of our outpatient centers. The time with their group is supported by individual meetings with their addiction treatment clinician. Evidence shows that treatment is most successful when it uses a combination of group and one-on-one therapy, ideally led by the same clinician.

Patients meet and schedule an initial session with their clinician as soon as they begin addiction treatment at Kolmac. After completing the detoxification phase, the patient begins intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment. During this phase, the patient begins meeting with their clinician once a week. This amount and frequency can vary depending on need.

What happens during a session with a Kolmac clinician?

Each addiction treatment clinician considers it a privilege to be allowed into their patients’ lives during such a vulnerable time. When we begin meeting with a patient, we focus on their potential, not just their problems.

At Kolmac, we know that for addiction treatment to be successful, the clinician must establish the following with their patient.

  • Trust
  • Safety
  • Acceptance
  • Confidentiality

One of our major goals during addiction treatment is to help our patients set and meet individual goals. A Kolmac clinician will help their patient identify what they want to get out of treatment and work with them to create a plan for accomplishing their goals.

Additional roles of a Kolmac clinician

It is important to note that our clinicians operate as their patients’ case managers, which differs from a traditional counseling relationship. A Kolmac clinician will coordinate with their patient’s other healthcare providers, referral sources, employee assistance program, insurance carrier, attorney and family members to establish a firm network for continued recovery. We want everyone to work together to support the patient.

It takes an experienced and knowledgeable mental health professional to help a patient who is suffering from addiction. At Kolmac, we combine our expertise in the science of addiction with our knowledge of the patient’s skills, interests, current circumstances and physical health in order to help make their hopes a reality.

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