Kolmac Continuing Care – Professionals

Kolmac Continuing Care

Kolmac offers an indefinite after care program for patients who have completed the Intensive Outpatient Program that allows recovery to continue in a structured setting.

Familiar Structure and Screening

Patients in the Continuing Care Level 1 program come once a week for 2 hours, maintaining a similar structure as IOP but with less group turnover. Comprehensive weekly to monthly urine screens are mandated as part of CC, as well as individualized treatment plans, assessment monitoring, and personalized sessions with clinicians when needed.

Expert Medical and Psychiatric Support

Patients continue to have access to Kolmac’s medical team for substance abuse and psychiatric medication management for the duration of their CC program. The medical teams prescribe and monitor medications such as buprenorphine, Antabuse, Naltrexone or the accompanying Vivitrol shot, among others. Psychiatric medications are prescribed for patients as well, if necessary.

Community Involvement

Collaboration with outside community stakeholders remains an important factor during CC. Progress letters, urine screen results, and treatment verification can be provided at the request of the patient. Certain sites also offer several demographic-specific groups that patients can choose to engage in, such as groups for men, health care professionals, young adults, gay men, and buprenorphine users.