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CareFirst Addiction Program

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The CareFirst Addiction Program improves addiction treatment outcomes by connecting patients with trusted outpatient treatment providers who:*

  • Offer treatments to deliver the best outcomes
  • Give access to cost-effective treatment with the most up-to-date standards
  • Educate both patients and providers on the causes, identifiers, and treatment options
  • Provide care outside a residential setting to improve outcomes and lower costs

*Kolmac’s intensive outpatient (IOP) program provides:

  • Highly individualized treatment in both individual and group sessions
  • Counselors who help patients overcome triggers they experience in their daily lives
  • A way to remain with job & family while participating in outpatient therapies
  • Affordability and accessibility

We work closely with primary care providers through all three treatment phases, outpatient detoxification, rehabilitation, and continuing care.

PATIENT WAIVERS: Patients enrolled in this program may be eligible for a waiver of many of their in-network cost-sharing responsibilities (co-pays, coinsurance and deductibles) to remove financial burden and help them focus on recovery. For more information about the CareFirst Addiction Program, contact our Intake Specialists at (301) 589-0255 or (888) 684-0336.
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