BAM Assessment

The Brief Addiction Monitor (BAM) is a self-assessment taken at multiple points of time throughout a person’s treatment at Kolmac. It measures experiences with alcohol/drug use, cravings, attendance at recovery mtgs, mental health and overall physical health.

Information you share in the BAM is confidential and legally protected by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We store this information in your medical chart. Your data is not stored on the internet. Your counselor will use this information as a tool to tailor treatment interventions to meet your individual clinical needs. For example, if they notice you are not getting any sleep they might talk with you about scheduling time with the medical staff. As always, treatment interventions should be discussed with you first.

The BAM is also a tool that you can use to monitor your progress and to recognize patterns in your recovery journey. Please feel free to request a copy of this information for your personal records, or to view it together with your counselor during scheduled individual sessions.

Finally, the BAM is shared with certain insurance companies (currently Aetna and CareFirst plans), as they require completion of the BAM in order to authorize treatment sessions and/or as an incentive to participate in cost sharing programs. Your insurance company is also required by law to keep all of your health information private, including from your employer.

You can complete the BAM Survey using the link below. Thank you!

BAM Assessment