December 16th, 2019

Addiction Doesn’t Take Holidays, So Neither Does Kolmac

Celebrating SoberAt Kolmac, we know that addiction doesn’t take holidays. Paul, one of our Patient Advocates reinforced this message. He said, “My disease doesn’t take vacations, and it doesn’t observe holidays. Even during my recovery, it still doesn’t, something I must always keep front and center in my mind. It’s a powerful message to me when good folks who are trying to help me are also available to me on vacations and holidays.” These words remind us of our goal to be there for our patients when they need us most.

Addiction doesn’t take holidays, so we offer sessions on Thanksgiving, Xmas and more

Unfortunately, addiction doesn’t take holidays. Substance use disorders don’t take breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or Halloween. Many people celebrate the holidays using substances, which can make it difficult for people in recovery.

Also, society bombards the public with commercials, shows and songs that talk about love and happy families. Patients who do not have happy holiday memories or joyful plans are especially vulnerable to depression, anxiety and stress. Powerful emotions are major relapse triggers, but our highly trained therapists can help work through these difficult thoughts and feelings at our holiday sessions.

Group therapy helps patients cope with holiday triggers

At Kolmac, we encourage patients to talk about the fact that addiction doesn’t take holidays. In the days and weeks prior to major celebrations, we urge them to design coping strategies. Our staff knows that the day itself triggers certain feelings for many people, and those folks need to talk to someone on the actual holiday.

During group therapy and community support meetings, patients gain valuable support. Here are some other advantages of holiday sessions.

  • Meetings allow people to discuss triggers and get suggestions from other members and the group therapist on how to manage them as they appear.
  • When patients come to a session, it reminds them that they can survive the holidays and enjoy special times without using substances.
  • Meetings give people the strength to cope with their emotions throughout the big day.
  • Those who feel lonely and deserted on a holiday find companionship at group sessions.

Kolmac believes in the power of group therapy sessions and fellowship, even when coping with the powerful emotions stirred up by special times. Addiction doesn’t take holidays, so Kolmac is here for you, even on the toughest days. Contact us for treatment information.

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