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Addiction Treatment in Frederick, MD

Kolmac provides first rate addiction treatment in Frederick

Addiction treatment in Frederick, Maryland is now more accessible to the local community through Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers. When a patient joins our program, he or she receives intensive outpatient addiction treatment without having to sacrifice time off work or away from home.

Since 1973, we have been delivering intensive outpatient (IOP) services that match the success of traditional residential treatment facilities.

Compassionate addiction treatment in Frederick

Those new to the intensive outpatient model often wonder if it works as well as residential addiction treatment. Studies have shown that it does when it is a high-quality IOP program.

Our Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, George Kolodner MD, is globally recognized as the father of the intensive outpatient movement. He began his clinical work over 40 years ago at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Bethesda. During his service, he witnessed the successful rehabilitation of countless veterans, despite the odds stacked against them at the time.

When he left military service, Dr. Kolodner made it his life’s mission to create an outpatient addiction treatment model that matched the intensity and structure he saw in Bethesda. As a result, Kolmac has been able to help more than 30,000 men and women recover from addiction.

More about addiction treatment through Kolmac

If you are looking for immediate addiction treatment in Frederick, Maryland, Kolmac might be a good fit for you. Upon enrolling in our program, there is no need to wait for a spot to open up, request substantial time off work or leave your family. Our IOP services are more affordable than residential facilities and we work with most major insurance providers.

Men and women looking for addiction treatment in Frederick, Maryland can also begin receiving services within 24 hours of their first phone call to us. Immediate care is an important part of the Kolmac model.

What can I expect during addiction treatment at Kolmac?

Our patients can maintain their home and work life while also undergoing high-quality addiction treatment. In order to provide outpatient services that successfully heal, educate and last, Kolmac clinicians walk their patients through the following phases.

• Detoxification. Our medical staff will treat your withdrawal symptoms and help you feel as comfortable as possible while you stop using substances.
• IOP. This phase consists of group therapy, an educational session and individual case management each day for up to three hours.
• Continuing care. During this phase, you will attend two hours of group therapy once a week.

We customize treatment, so the length and intensity of each phase depends on the patient’s needs as they recover from addiction.

Kolmac’s Frederick, Maryland center is within 20 minutes of the following areas:

    • Boonsboro
    • Brunswick
    • Charles Town
    • Frederick

    • Hagerstown
    • Martinsburg
    • Middleton
    • Mount Airy

    • Thurmont
    • Walkersville

If you are ready to begin addiction treatment in Frederick, Maryland, contact us here or call us at (888) 684-0336 or (301) 589-0255. Your path to a full recovery can begin today.

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