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Medical Director's 2012 Annual Review

The year 2011 was one of continued growth for our program, into which a total of 2206 patients were admitted.  By the end of the year we were treating 894 active patients throughout all six clinical offices, and providing care for an average of 288 patients per day.

Some of the highlights of 2011 were:

  • A new office was opened in downtown Baltimore in October.  Under the direction of Amy Waldron, Jim McGreevey, and myself, it is located near the Inner Harbor and provides intensive outpatient rehabilitation and continuing care.  As always, psychiatric services are provided by our in-house medical staff at no additional charge.

  • The treatment program for young adults was enhanced.  Additional specialized family groups for caregivers of young adult patients were added in our Gaithersburg and Towson offices and structured daytime activities were explored.

  • Onsite psychiatric treatment for our patients, always available in the rehabilitation phase, is now also being provided in the continuing care phase in most of our offices.  We continue to collaborate with our patients’ private therapists and medicating clinicians.

  • Treatment for tobacco addiction was integrated into our basic treatment program. Specialized groups focusing on this issue were added in many of our offices.  The Mayo Clinic protocols for the use of nicotine replacement medications were successfully implemented. Interest was high among most of our patients, many of whom were able to reduce or entirely stop their tobacco use.

  • Our collaboration with Sheppard Pratt Hospital was expanded.  Kolmac assumed responsibility for providing the addiction services to The Retreat – a specialized intensive psychiatric treatment program located within the hospital.

Our plans for 2012 include:

  • To establish an entirely separate program for our young adults.  This will begin on a pilot basis in the Gaithersburg and Towson offices.  Brief strategic family therapy will be added in the Gaithersburg site.

  • To move our Silver Spring office.  Our new office will be 2 blocks away from the apartment house we have occupied since 1976, in a modern office building on Fenton Street with more convenient parking.

Finally, I would like to remind you that we are able to detoxify most patients on an outpatient basis, which is much more likely to lead to follow-up rehabilitation than when detoxification is done on an inpatient basis.  Please let us know if you would like more details about this.


George Kolodner, M.D.

Medical Director

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